Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Also, there's this:


Bob and I stopped in Monday at La Michoacana, recently relocated to Rosebank Farms. I'd been disappointed to not see them lately at Tienda Puentes, so the truck was a welcomed sight. We also had the chance to chat with Sidi Limehouse (who knows that the quezadillas are the best offering) and his trusty Labrador for a few minutes. Altogether, a nice lunch.

I've also stopped a few times lately at El Mercatido, next to the Pig at Maybank and Bohicket, where I had my first authentic tacos stateside many years ago. They've undergone quite an evolution since then. But don't be discouraged by the generic gabacho mexican decor or apologetic menu items; their tortas and tacos de carnitas are the real thing.

The new orange truck on Maybank Hwy. near the Habitat store looks promising, but I haven't caught them open yet.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today I stopped in for lunch at Taqueria Michoacana. They seem to be parked at the Puentes tienda on Maybank Highway fairly regularly these days.

My first stop at Michoacana was sometime last year when they were advertising "¡PANBASOS HOY!" It seemed to be a special treat, so I ordered one. The delicious sandwich - like a torta covered in mild red sauce - was a mess to eat, but enough to bring me back a few times.

Today the taco was alright, though made with a store bought tortilla and the pastor served in a sort of sauce, like that at El Progresso in Hanahan. The handmade tortilla of the quesadilla, though, was excellent; that and the friendly manner of the woman who operates the truck made for a fine lunch.

One casualty of the economic recession sadly has been El Jalisciense's residence at Rosebank Farms. I hadn't seen them for some time, and this weekend the woman at the market there told me they had suffered as a result of less new construction on the nearby resorts. I hope to see the climate change in El Jalisciense's favor; his was certainly one on the nicest lunch spots in the area.